Monday, February 7, 2011

Go get 'im SHADOW!!!

Shadow was Jake Rockwell's loyal canine sidekick. Although he wasn't always accompanying the Centurions on their missions, he always seemed to be eager to be at his master's side. He looks like a Husky, at least that's how he looked like to me.

Cool thing about Shadow was that he also had an Exo-Frame of some sorts. He had a harness that could fire twin rockets. Although rarely used, Shadow sure made those two rockets count when he did use them.

Shadow also seemed to be very intelligent for a dog. He seemed to understand what Jake was trying to convey, but hey, this was a cartoon so anything was possible.

Unfortunately, like Crystal Kane, no toy was made of good ol' Shadow. And again I have to scratch my head as to why this was never done. I almost always compare the never-made Centurions toys to the G.I. Joe toys because if G.I. Joe could make toys out of their characters, why not the Centurions?

Anyway, G.I. Joe's resident ninja master/commando Snake-Eyes had a wolf named Timber. And although Timber was a wolf and Shadow was a dog, what I'm trying to explain is that they were both canines.

Well, there you go. All I'm saying is that it would have been GREAT if Kenner had made a Shadow toy, complete with his twin-rocket firing exo-frame.

Anyways, here's a fun fact for you:

In the game Dead To Rights: Retribution, the main protagonist's name is Jake Slate, and his dog is named, you guessed it, SHADOW! Now, I'm sure a LOT of research went into the names of the main characters, but this is just TOO much of a coincidence. It could be that "Jake" and "Shadow" blend well together, or maybe some of the people who worked on developing this game are huge Centurion fans, and either did this as a tribute to Jake and Shadow from The Centurions, or made this an inside joke.
Whatever the reason was, it's good to see that Jake and Shadow live on, albeit in different form.

Until next time...POWER X-TREME!!!

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